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    Events and activities of interest to the California Association of County Auditors. Please contact [name and contact into] to have your events or events of general interest added to the calendar.
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    Find your committees information directory.
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    A dynamic library of documents of interest to your committee or our association.
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    Resource links are available to registered users and can be found in the Resource tab of the top navigation. If you cannot access needed Resources please notify the site Administrator.
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    You can click on GROUPS to see the available groups and request to join groups to view their discussions in their forums. FORUMS are the various discussions available in each group.
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    It is true — you can not DELETE your own post. The reason is that if you have any replies to your post they would be deleted as well… So, for now the best is you can update your post, or have ADMIN remove the entire thread…
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    You have great control over being notified by emails when forum discussions are updated or comments added. As well, there are RSS feeds that will automatically keep you updated of changes via your email program or web browser.
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    When you enter comments or other text usually you will have an editor available as below. Most of the items like Bold, Italic, Underline, left justify, center, etc. you will recognize from your typical word processor. Some of the less obvious icon functions are listed below. Holding your cursor over an icon for a moment will display the title of the icon which usually lets you determine what the icon is for…