State High-Risk Audit Program The California State Auditor’s Updated Assessment of Issues and Agencies That Pose a High Risk to the State

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New High-Risk Agency
Employment Development DepartmentEmployment Development DepartmentEDD Is High-Risk Because of Inadequate Fraud Prevention and Claimant Service, as Well as a High Rate of Overturned Eligibility Decisions in Its Unemployment Insurance Program2023
Retained on High-Risk List
State Management of COVID‑19 Federal FundsVarious AgenciesThe State’s Management of COVID‑19 Federal Funds Continues to Be a High-Risk Issue2020
State Financial Reporting and AccountabilityDepartment of FI$Cal and Various AgenciesLate Financial Reporting Continues to Increase Risk to the State2020
Information SecurityCalifornia Department of Technology and Various AgenciesThe State’s Information Security Remains a High-Risk Issue2013
Information Technology OversightCalifornia Department of TechnologyCDT Has Not Made Sufficient Progress in Its Oversight of State Information Technology Projects2007
Water Infrastructure and AvailabilityDepartment of Water Resources and the Governor’s Office of Emergency ServicesClimate Change and Aging Water Infrastructure Threaten California’s Water Supply and Public Safety2018
Department of Health Care ServicesDepartment of Health Care ServicesHealth Care Services Has Not Adequately Addressed Issues With Medi-Cal Eligibility, But It Has Made Improvements to Its MHSA Oversight2007
Removed From High-Risk List
Higher EducationCalifornia State University and University of CaliforniaCSU and UC Have Made Efforts to Control Tuition and Fees in the Past Decade2013
California State Teacher’s Retirement SystemCalifornia State Teacher’s Retirement SystemCalSTRS Has Implemented Corrective Action to Decrease the Risk Posed by Its Unfunded Liability2011
Other Postemployment BenefitsDepartment of Finance, California Department of Human Resources, and California Public Employees’ Retirement SystemThe State Is Addressing Its OPEB Liabilities2007
California Department of Public HealthCalifornia Department of Public HealthPublic Health Has Made Sufficient Progress in Implementing Outstanding Recommendations2007
Transportation InfrastructureCalifornia Department of Transportation and California Transportation CommissionThe State Has Made Sufficient Progress in Improving Its Transportation Infrastructure2007
California Department of Corrections and RehabilitationCalifornia Department of Corrections and RehabilitationCDCR Is Making Progress in Improving Its Health Care Delivery2007
Responses to the Audit
California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (CalOES)
California State Auditor’s Comment on the Response From CalOES
California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA)
California Department of Public Health (Public Health)
California Department of Technology (CDT)
California State Auditor’s Comments on the Response From CDT
Department of Health Care Services (DHCS)
California Natural Resources Agency
The California State University Office of the Chancellor
California Employment Development Department (EDD)
California State Auditor’s Comments on the Response From EDD
Financial Information System for California (FI$Cal)
California State Auditor’s Comment on the Response From FI$Cal
Department of Finance (Finance)
California State Auditor’s Comments on the Response From Finance
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